Smoking a Deer Hind Quarter

Josh asked,

"I'm going to smoke a deer hind quarter tomorrow and I'm not real sure how long per pound, and at what temperature to smoke it. I know venison doesn't have that much fat, so I'll be stuffing it with andouille sausage and then wrapping it with bacon.

I'm assuming an hour to an hour and a half a pound, about like pork, at about 225 - 250 degrees F. I just found your site and it's probably a little late to be asking, but if you have any inclination at all can you please help?"

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Jarrod asked,

"With deer season almost here, I was thinking about trying to smoke a venison leg this winter. Do you have any advice for smoking a deer leg? (the hind leg is what I'm talking about)"

Paul asked,

"I have come up with a marinade that I would like to try but I don't want to waste a deer hind-quarter by making a mistake. I haven't found any recipes for smoking a venison ham."

Bone-out The Deer Leg and Add a Sausage Filling

If you plan to add a filling, butterfly the meat, add pre-cooked sausage or other fillings then tie it together with string. For added flavor and to prevent drying, wrapping with bacon is always a good idea.

You might consider wrapping it in foil after the first two or three hours of smoking, which will prevent evaporation and hold the juices around the leg. Maintain a smoker temperature of 225-250 degrees and cook for 1 to 1-1/2 hours per pound.