Using a Metal Wood Chip Box In an Electric Smoker

by neil

Can I place a metal wood chip box next to the heating element on a Brinkmann electric grill/smoker and get the same effect as placing wood chips on top of the lava rocks, near the heating element?

Using a Can As a Wood Chip Box In an Electric SmokerA Wood Chip Filled Can Fits Without Touching Element

by: Anonymous

I used 2 "grill stones", grill cleaning stones, placed between the heating element, sat the cheap, small loaf pan filled with chips on the stones. That gives about an 1 1/2 inch clearance from the heat.

Best Wood Chip Container For an Electric Smoker

Smoker Box for Brinkmann Gourmet
by: Dakota

Here is how I solved the smoker box problem. I wrapped them in tinfoil, pierced some small holes for air flow and added my water-soaked chips. Worked like a charm.

The packet was a little slow to start smoking so I added a couple of cups of water-soaked chips right over the rocks to get 'er going. Once started they gave me smoke for well over 3 hours.

Next time I'm going to add about 1/4 dry chips and 3/4 soaked so they ignite a little quicker.

Making a Foil Packet of Smoker Wood Chips

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Used Lava Rocks
by: Anonymous

The Brinkmann electric smoker came with small pebble lava rocks. I used larger lava rocks placed around the outside and in the middle of the coils.

These larger lava rocks raised the Weber cast iron smoker box up almost an inch above the element.

It worked. The very small pieces of hickory wood burnt completely up. Some of the larger chunks ended up like charcoal.

here's what i did
by: Anonymous

I took a wire hanger. not coated with anything. i ran 2 pieces in a cross formation and screwed it to the lip of the bottom pan of the smoker, just above the element.

And that allows me to set the wood chip box about 4 inches above the element. this has worked great and cost nothing to do. took me like 5 minutes.

Smoker Box
by: Lee

Does the wood chips actually smolder? It doesn't appear I get enough smoke. How do you know when to change the chips? I opened the box and the wood chips looked the same as when I put them in.

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Cast Iron Smoking Box
by: Warren (VA)

If I'm reading the question & answer correctly, nothing should touch the heating element on an electric smoker. So, it's either put the wood chips or chunks directly on the lava rocks or in foil.

There's not enough space to put a cast iron or metal smoking box on an electric grill with out touching the heating element.

I'm looking into building a rack the sits just above the heating element but below the water pan.  Any suggestions?

SmokeWood Box Electric Smoker
by: Bill 

It's quite alright to use a metal smoke chip box next to the heating element in an electric smoker, as long as the box is small enough that it doesn't touch the element. There's a possibility of creating a hot spot on the element, shortening its life, if a foreign object lays against it while its hot. 

It might be tricky removing the lid to add more wood, unless you have a good, heavy duty set of tongs to grab the lid with. Myself, I've always used foil wrapped wood in my electric smoker. It's very light when the wood is smoked out, and easy to remove.