Pork Recipes

Pork and smoker cooking go together like peas and carrots…but good smoked pork recipes taste better! These recipes take advantage of the wide variety of cuts available from the hog. And like the old saying goes, "The only part of the pig that doesn't make it to the table is the oink"!

The Other White Meat

Modern pork is much leaner than it used to be, so cooking practices have had to adjust. Trichinosis is no longer a concern in commercially produced US pork, so it doesn't have to be cooked well-done, but it still must reach at least 160 degrees F. This is fine for a tenderloin, but when it comes to butts, well-done is the goal! Visit How to Smoke Pork for a mini-tutorial on the pleasures of smoking (and eating) pork!

To smoke a Boston butt for pulling, its internal temperature needs to reach 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This can take a lot of time, so if you are using a pit smoker, be prepared to tend the fire all day. Using a gas smoker or a vertical water smoker will require less babysitting, but it'll still take a while.

Pork and Food Safety

The USDA web page, Pork, Farm to Table , is full of great information about handling and cooking pork. Many interesting facts regarding the history, inspection, buying, safe handling, cooking, and home storage of pork are included.

Smoked Pork Recipes

Here are a few smoker recipes I think you'll enjoy.

  • Homemade Bacon Recipe
    Made with a boneless pork loin, this recipe for homemade bacon is leaner than that fatty stuff you buy at the grocery store. Cured with Tender Quick and brown sugar, the loin is smoked at a low temperature before it's fried up in the skillet.

  • Apple Smoked Pork Loin Recipe
    This pork loin is smoked only until it reaches a temperature of about 155 degrees Fahrenheit. It'll be tender and juicy. Top it off with an apple-cinnamon sauce for good measure.

  • Easy Smoked Ham Recipe
    This is a great recipe for the holiday feast. Take an ordinary ham and season it up with spice and extra smoke flavor, and you have something really special. Give it a try next time you cook up a ham. You won't be sorry.

  • North Carolina Style Pulled Pork Recipe
    Pork shoulder or butt is slow smoked for many hours, creating a tender, smoky meat that's fall-apart tender. Regular basting with a spicy vinegar sauce adds flavor to the pork as it cooks. When done, it's pulled apart into shreds, sauces a little more, and served on cheap white buns. Oh Yeah!

  • Smoked Country Style Pork Ribs
    Country pork ribs can be boneless or with bones, and it really doesn't matter which you get, as far as I'm concerned. They both taste good. These can have a lot of fat alongside the meat, so be choosy when buying them.

  • Apple Brined and Smoked Pork Chops
    Tasty tasty tasty! These are tasty! The apple juice and lime is a unique combination that goes right along with that fine pork flavor. Smoked with light-flavored apple, pear or alder, these finish with a light smoky flavor that's tasty!

For some general information regarding pork recipes and smoking pork, check out smoked baby back ribs and About Pork Shoulders. . You might find a hint or technique that will cause you to "squeal" with delight!