Smoked Pheasant Breasts Topped With Chicken Skin Are Delicious!

Rooster Pheasant Flying Away After Missed ShotCock Pheasant Flying Away From Missed Shot. See The Wad?

This recipe is not for smoked pheasant under's for pheasant under chicken skin.  I use the skins from chicken leg quarters to protect the delicate wild pheasant breasts from the drying effect of the smoker. The fatty chicken skin helps the smoking pheasant retain moisture and adds a bit of flavor.

These Smoked Pheasant Breasts Were Topped With Fatty Chicken Skin Before Smoking To Add Flavor and MoistnessSmoked Pheasant Breasts Topped With Chicken Skin

This Smoked Pheasant Recipe Provides Great Results


2 whole pheasant breasts, skinned
4 chicken skin from chicken leg quarters
1 quart cold water
3 tablespoons kosher salt
teaspoon onion powder
teaspoon garlic powder
teaspoon dried parsley
teaspoon white pepper
1/2 teaspoon paprika

Raw Pheasant Breast Topped With Chicken Skin
Smoking Pheasant Breasts and Rabbit Sections In An Old Brinkmann Electric Smoker

Dissolve the salt in the cold water to make the brine. Soak the pheasant in the brine overnight, but no more than eight hours. When the birds are finished brining, rinse them and dry them off with paper towels.

Mix up the spices and season the breasts lightly on all surfaces. Wrap the chicken skin over the pheasant so it's covered completely on top. You may have to play with the positioning a little.

I use one whole piece and one half piece of the leg quarter skins on each breast. When the skin is in place, secure it with toothpicks. Dust a little more of the spice mix onto the skin.

I've used both alder and apple woods for smoke, which gave the pheasant a light smoky flavor.

Smoke for two to three hours at 230 degrees Fahrenheit, or until the temperature of the pheasant reaches 165 degrees.