Boneless Pork Loin Smoking Time Isn't as Long As You Think

Laurie from Picayune, MS wrote:,

What's the average boneless pork loin smoking time when using an electric smoker? What smoker temperature is correct for pork loin?

Do you wait for the smoker to reach the temp before putting in the meat? Most recipes say 3 hours at 225° but my smoker takes a while to reach 225 so does that count as cooking time?

Smoked Pork Loin, Sliced, Resting on Cutting Board With Chef's KnifeSmoked and Sliced Pork Loin

How Long Do I Smoke a Pork Loin?

Preheat the smoker
by: Anonymous

Turn the smoker on and preheat it for about 30 minutes before putting the meat in. If you do this, the preheat time shouldn't count against the cooking time. The meat shouldn't be in the smoker while it is preheating.

First Time Smoker by: JR

Just finished mine on my electric smoker. Smoked 3-4 pound pork loin at 220˚ F, final meat temperature of 145˚. It took about 2 hours to reach 145˚.

Added chips once per hour. Nice smoked favor, moist and tender. Resulted in medium cook. Tasted outstanding!

Cajun Injector
by: DJ

I'm new to smoking... got a Cajun Injector Electric Smoker for my B-day. Did a loin the other day with excellent results... Tried 2'ish pound Pork loin today.

It came out fantastic, smoked it at 230˚ with apple wood and pulled out it at 149˚ internal temp. Tented with foil for 10 minutes. No pink remaining and it was hot and juicy.


Cook By Temperature, Not Time
by: Anonymous

Use a smoker thermometer and close the lid. No peeking. Cook by temperature NOT time. There are too many variables when considering only time. Outside air temp and meat temp are a couple you must contend with.

My take on loin
by: Anonymous

I smoked a 6 pound loin and used a store bought rub. Injected with mixture of apple cider vinegar, teriyaki and Worcestershire sauce, and smoked with hickory chips.

I do this for every game (that doesn't start at noon) and people love it! People ask me to make it for weddings, birthdays and other events.

I use an Akorn Kamado smoker and try and keep the cooking temp right at 250˚. It takes close to four hours, and is always worth it.

Cooking times per LB
by: Anonymous

What time rate per pound and smoking temperature is right for a boneless pork loin?

  • At 275˚ it takes from 2 to 3 hours to smoke a 6 pound loin, which means approximately 20 to 30 minutes per pound

by: Ilovepork

I am smoking a pork loin and my thermometer broke. I am smoking at 200 degrees. How long would I cook this? It weighs 2.4 lbs

  • At 200 degrees  smoking will take quite a while. I'd recommend a higher smoker temperature of at least 225˚, and even up to 275˚. These are best when cooked to medium-rare.

This works for me
by: Richard B.

I buy my pork at Costco, and they are usually right at 10 lbs. I cut  them in half and do my rub/marinate stuff 36 to 48 hours ahead. I have a "Masterbuilt" electric cabinet smoker.

I put the two halves on the uppermost shelves and do some creative stuff with contents of the water pan.

Close the smoker and resist the urge to peek from then on. I will set at 220˚ for 4 hours...this includes the warm up time. When up to temperature I will dump my wet smoking chips and then wait.

I've had good luck with this method, over the years I learned to be patient and not keep checking... trust. Letting it rest under a foil tent for at least 30 minutes is key, at least in my experience.

Boneless Pork Loin Smoking Time Depends on Smoker Temperature

Whole Smoked Pork Loin On a White Platter, With Strip Of Pork Trimmings Beside ItSmoked Pork Loin With Strip of Mystery Meat

Sublime Pork Loin
by: gmillioni

I tried something different. Season, brine, rub or do whatever you want for preparation. I rub a paste mixture of bbq sauce (homemade) and spices all over. This is an experiment.

First I added apple wood smoker chips at 200 degrees to my smoker to get it smoking. That took about 15 minutes or so. Then I put the prepped loins into the smoker, shut the door and turned the temp down to 110˚.

I set the timer at 10 hours and let it cook overnight. Set your electric smoker time for 10 hours, so the heat wont go off by the morning . When I woke up at 7am I checked on them and of course they weren't cooked but not raw.

They had been in for about 6 to 7 hours at 110 degrees. hey were plump to the touch, wet on the outside, and had great color.

  • I don't recommend cooking a pork loin at such a low temperature. Bacteria will reproduce rapidly at 110˚ and would cause the meat to spoil, and especially when the meat is at that temperature for an extended period.

Next step: leaving the loin in I added more applewood. closed the door and turned up the smoker heat from the 110˚ to 190˚. After about 2 hours I checked the internal temperature. It had hit 150˚. I took them out, I was aiming for 145˚. That's it.

They turned out very moist and tasty. This is the first time I tried such a low heat for a long time (experiment). The 145 degree internal temp will take much less than two hours.

Now that I know I can smoke and go to bed, it means the meat will be done early in the morning. It's done before noon depending on how one adjusts the heat.

What I learned is that very low heat for a lengthy time will not harm the meat or the taste. Raising the internal temperature takes much less time than usual.

Next time I will keep the smoker temperature at 150˚ for as long as it takes to get internal meat temp to 145˚. Pork loins are such a forgiving meat as long as you don't dry them out.

I will smoke more difficult meats this way and see what happens.

5 lb pork loin & 2 racks or St. Louis Style Ribs
by: Bluiz443

First timer here. I am going to attempt to smoke a 5 lb  loin & 2 racks of St. Louis Style Ribs. I have the rub on and sitting in fridge overnight. I want to cook them at the same time tomorrow.

How long should I cook them and at what temp? I was thinking 225 degrees for 3 hrs, then wrap in foil for 2 hrs and then out again for 1 hour.

Using apple juice in liquid pan and apple chips as the wood chips. I have an electric smoker. Looking for some experienced feedback on my thoughts.


145 is the key
by: Anonymous

Do not, I repeat do not treat pork like it needs to be dry to be safe. I smoked a 6 pounder at 220˚ for 3 hours and when it hit 145˚, it was completely cooked! Rest 15-20 minutes and enjoy! I have found that many older blogs and comments still want to go to 160˚ plus- that's way too hot and way too long.

  • You're right. At one time the USDA recommended that all pork be cooked to 160 degrees in order to be safe. A few years ago the USDA changed its safe pork-done temperature to 145˚ F. That made a lot of people happy!

If a Smoked Pork Loin Is Too Dry, Try This

dry loin
by: Anonymous

Jake and anonymous,

Smoke with a cooking thermometer to 145 degrees internal temp. Pull it out of the smoker and wrap in foil for 10 to 15 minutes. You will have a juicy pork loin every time. Don't finish on a grill. That adds to the risk of drying it out.

Also you can put a metal pan with water in the smoker during the cooking process to help with moisture{optional}. You can brown the it in a large skillet to seal in the juices, giving you a dark, crispy crust after smoking. Some rubs will give the crispy finish as well.

4lb boneless pork loin
by: Jake

I cooked a 4lb boneless pork loin tonight for 3hrs. I wrapped it during last hour of cooking. I cooked it at 300º. What would be a right temp and time to cook it at?

loin was a bit dry
by: Anonymous

Six pounds, for 3hrs at 225˚ in my electric smoker. I foiled it for one more hour at 225 degrees, making 4 hours total. It was way too dry. Next time I will smoke it for 3 hours total at 200°.

two 4 lb pork loin cooking time?
by: adan

I have an almost 8 lb boneless loin. Is 4 - 1/2 hours at 225˚ the correct cooking time, with the last 1 1/2 wrapped in foil? I have guests coming over and don't want to ruin it.

145 Degrees is true!
by: Anonymous

I worked at Outback Steakhouse when the pork temperatures changed. This was a big deal at the restaurant.

Smoking Wild Boar Loins

Wild Boar Loins In My Masterbuilt electric smoker
by: Mikespat

I have one large wild boar loin that I cut into two. I soaked them in milk for 6 hours then rinsed and rubbed with a pork dry rub from the grocery. I then weaved regular unseasoned Bacon and wrapped them both.

I put them in the fridge overnight, then smoked them with apple chips for 4 hours at 220°.  I used my Masterbuilt electric smoker. Halfway through I wrapped them in foil and put them back in the smoker. THEY CAME OUT PERRRRRRRFECT. Don't use apple juice! Yuk!

  • IMPORTANT: Wild boar and feral hogs must be cooked to at least 160°F in order to kill the trichinosis parasites that may exist in free ranging hogs.

Use a Masterbuilt Smoker For Perfect Smoked Pork Loins

A Well Seasoned Boneless Pork Loin On a Wooden Picnic Table, Green Grass In BackgroundSmoked Pork Loin For The Picnic!

Pork loin
by: Anonymous

I'm brining in a salt and maple syrup mix. Then I am going to smoke at 200˚ for 4-5 hours starting with apple wood chips, then switching to maple chips.

Smoke Chips
by: T_Smoker

I prefer to smoke mine at a low heat around 200 to 225 degrees for about 3  to 4 hours.

Cherry or apple wood chips are great for pork. If anyone has ever had apple wood smoked bacon, you know what I am talking about. Use moderation and everything will turn out great.

Also, I place a stainless steel pan filled with water at the bottom of the grill and then position my pork above it. This will keep the pork from dying out.

@Bitter smoke
by: Chuck

@Bitter smoke; you need to use a much milder wood like pecan or cherry; mesquite is too harsh to smoke that long.

I am now a smoker
by: Jason Behr

I bought my smoker 2 months ago and I ended up getting rid of my BBQ. Never again will I need it after discovering this.......

I use it for burgers, dogs and pizza. I've also made pork loin, bacon wrapped pork loin, beef and pork ribs, and the BACON BOMB!

I have tried dry rubs and wet and I must say I like a nice sauce better.......

How long does it take to smoke a boneless pork loin? What's the best pork loin smoking temperature? Read the article and discover the truth!

Smoking Time For a Pork Loin

Bitter smoke
by: 3rd time the charm

I added mesquite 3 times smoking a brisket. Got a build up of creosote that made it inedible and bitter. From now on, only adding wood at the start and leaving the vent wide open on my Masterbuilt electric smoker.

  • Yes, and a loin doesn't need tons of smoke to make it taste good. I usually use only a couple of 1/2 cup additions of wood chips when using my Masterbuilt. One-half cup at the start, and the second a half hour later. That gives it just enough smokiness, that's not overpowering.

1st attempt at smoking
by: birddog48

I will smoke a pork loin in my Weber Smokey Mountain. There's so much to remember, I  hope I don't forget anything important. Keep repeating the mantra, low and slow. Wish me luck!

The Ideal Pork Loin Done Temperature

Pork Loin temp
by: Anonymous

The USDA has revised it's pork temp to 145 degrees with a 3 minute rest. They did this in the summer of 2011 and it was a very big deal in the pork industry. They have not relayed the information to the consumers.

On my charcoal grill I keep the temp between 200-250 degrees for around 7-8 hours. I finish it off with a gas grill for about an hour at 250-300 degrees. Put the  rub on and wait to baste it until about 2 hours before taking it off the smoker.

I've put both rub and marinade on before smoking, but feel that the smoke does not penetrate as far into the meat. I put pepper, basil, parsley, Lowery seasoning and another grilling seasoning on it.

I baste it with whatever BBQ sauce there is in the house, with some old wine that has gone past it's drinkable stage. Let it rest overnight and throw it on the gas grill the next day and it will bring out the smokey flavor. Like you have never tasted before.

Tips for smoking

by: DRL

Some very important steps to great smoked pork loin:

BRINE your pork loin first. Brining changes the proteins and prevents meat from squeezing out all the moisture

SMOKE your meat right away. Do NOT preheat the smoker. Add the meat to a cold smoker and crank it up to high. Smoke will only penetrate the meat until about 110 degrees.

Once the outside of the meat is above that temp, no more smoke gets into the flesh. You might as well finish it in your oven. LOW and SLOW gets most smoke flavor into your finished product!

BITTERNESS will only come from adding resinous (think pine) woods or a lot of bark from most any kind of tree. Avoid these two things and you won't make anything bitter in your smoker.

  • Bitterness can also be caused by using too much of the more potent smoker woods, like mesquite.



Close Up Photograph Of a Smoked Pork Loin, Cooked To 145 Degrees FahrenheitThe Rub Used On This Loin Contained Powdered Chiles

Do not over cook pork
by: Bestpeople

I cook pork loin in my gas smoker at 200-230 degrees. When the thermometer reads 135-140 degrees I wrap it with foil and let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes.

This is safe because American pork no longer has parasites in it.

It is also important to marinate pork in a salt solution to increase the moisture content.

You will find your pork moist and flavorful.

Pork loin and pork ribs
by: Anonymous

I smoked my first pork loin and also pork ribs at the same time. The pork loin turned out OK. It was kind of dry but it had a lot of smokey flavor. The ribs though did not cook at all.

I had to finish them off in the oven. I don't know what happened. Plus I am not sure what the smoker temp was because  I don't have a temperature gauge on my smoker. Any help?

no parasite pork
by: Anonymous

There are not any parasites in pork since the 1920's when people fed them trash and garbage. The USDA now has changed the pork done temperature to 145 degrees

Anonymous Pork loin with a bone
by: Carl

Sorry to tell you, but a pork loin has no bone

  • You got that right!

smoke a loin not a butt
by: jack

Smoke it to 170˚F to kill the parasites that live in pork, keep temp in smoker around 225˚. I like hickory. It takes 4 hours for a 4 lb section of pork loin. Pork butt takes longer. Needs to go to internal temp of 190˚.

Best wishes.


  • To thebarbecuemaster: With commercially raised pork there's no concern with trichinosis. The USDA lowered the recommended minimum pork temperature to 145°. But your statement would be correct if you are consuming wild, or feral, hogs that root around in the wilds. If that's the case, the meat should be cooked to at least 160° Farenheit to kill the parasitic worms.

Alder smoker...
by: Anonymous

I hear some wood types add bitterness after long periods of smoking. I have read to stay away from long mesquite times and I don't know about alder.

by: Anonymous

I can find all kinds of information on bone-less pork about something on a bone-in? How long does a bone-in pork loin need to smoke? It is 10lbs.

Water pan
by: Adam

You put water in the drip pan for everything but fish and stuff your trying to dry out. Even water in it for hot dogs and hamburgers. I had the same question when I got mine too.

Do you put water/juice in pan while smoking loin?
by: Sip

I got a Masterbuilt electric smoker for Xmas, and want to smoke a loin today. I've read most of the comments on this page and have gotten some great advice. Should I put anything in the water pan? Any suggestions?

Laurie-Temps and time
by: Anonymous

Laurie yes that is a pre-heated smoker temp. So get it up to 225 before you put in the Pork loin. See my previous post. "Maiden voyage"  a couple of comments below yours.

DJH 2 10lb pork loins
by: Anonymous

You want them to cook to 150 to 155 degrees to get medium and still juicy. My 4.5 pounder at 220 degrees took 3 hours.That was never opening the smoker til done. I would say to allow at least 6 hours to 7 hours at 225.

I have a probe built in my electric smoker so I didn't lose heat opening to check the meat temperature. It is well worth the wait. See my previous comment for details. "Maiden voyage". Good luck.

Need recommendation
by: DJH

I'm smoking two 10 lb. pork loins in an electric smoker and want them to come out and be ready for my employees to eat at 11:00am. Need an idea of what time to start and what temp to set the smoker at.

Smoke it at 220 Degrees
by: Eloy

On my Bradley Digital Bluetooth Smart Smoker for a 2 pound loin, I cook it at 220 degrees for 2-1/2 hours. Perfect!

My Maiden Voyage Pork Smoking Project

Pork Loin On Bamboo Board, Smoked and SlicedA Pretty Pork Picture

Maiden Voyage with Masterbuilt 30
by: BFahl

After much research I decided on an electric smoker with digital temp control and a built in temp probe. From what I found the charcoal, gas and straight wood smokers are tough to control the temp.

I prepped the pork loin with a coating of fresh ground black pepper and kosher salt. The I used a Dr. Larry's No Salt Rub as well. From there I browned it in a skillet with 2 tablespoons of canola oil. From there right into the preheated smoker at 225 F and the probe inserted.

Crossed my fingers and left it alone. I reloaded the chips twice in the 3 hours it took to smoke it in the side loader {great so you don't have to open the smoker}. I smoked it to an internal temp of 155 degrees, then wrapped it in foil and a dish cloth.

I let it rest for 15 minutes. I was concerned as there were almost no drippings in the pan in the smoker. I thought it was going to be dry. Boy was I wrong. After unwrapping it I couldn't wait to slice off a piece. It was perfect!

Juice every where and fork tender. The smoke flavor made my eyes roll back in my head. I couldn't believe how easy it was. The hardest part was waiting the 3 hours to see what I had.

A little hint, wrap the drip and water pans in foil. Makes the clean up a snap.

slow smoked pork
by: Anonymous

I smoked a 4-5 pound pork loin at 180-200 degrees for 13 hours using apple wood chips and blocks. It was BY FAR the best piece of pork I ever had.

I also wrapped it in bacon with honey, a dry rub, and jalapeno peppers... I have found that the lower temps and longer cooking time allows for the meat to become very moist.

pork loin smokin
by: mungraker

I smoked a loin over Alder smoker wood  for about 3 hours. Not sure what my temp was because my smoker is charcoal. The temp gauge has "warm", "ideal" and "hot" on it. I monitored the meat temp until it was 165.

I removed it, and it smelled and looked amazing. Unfortunately, it was a bitter as iodine. I sliced it and am now grilling it with applesauce and a sprinkling of sugar to try and salvage the project.

Rule of thumb
by: Anonymous

Thanks for that rule of thumb. I've been looking for the minutes per pound when smoking a boneless pork loin. I use a digital thermometer. It's more or less for planning purposes. I like to know when food will be ready for my guests.

Time I Used and Electric Smoker
by: beginner smoker in iowa

From what I have read and researched rule of thumb smoking times is 1 hour and 30 minutes per pound of meat. But I also notice an electric smoker differs from gas or charcoal smoker. I use an electric smoker and it's insulated so it holds the heat.

You have to keep adding charcoal or turning gas up and down to keep ideal temp.  I've smoked pretty much everything under the sun. I use a digital thermometer to check the temperature.

Everything has come out great. I set my smoker at 225 degrees for about 4 hrs and the loins come out tender and juicy.

by: Rossco

Always remember to put your loin in the smoker with the fat side on top to allow fat to baste the meat while it melts.

For more information about pork, check out the USDA article, Fresh Pork from Farm to Table.

Smoking a 10 Pound Pork Loin

Big E

by: Anonymous

I am smoking a 10 pound loin today. I will smoke it at 225˚ until internal temp reaches 145˚ or 150˚ then will wrap in foil and smoke until 160-165 degrees. This process will take about 5 and a half hours.

Wrapping in foil will bring the juices out. Another trick I know before wrapping in foil, put some cinnamon apple sauce on it. This will make it tender. Gives a good taste.

Low then high?
by: SuperflyTNTdaShizzle

If you get more smoke at a lower temp, how about smoking lower for an hour and a half? Raise the temp after that to get some browning.

I like ribs
by: Nathan Martinez

I let the electric smoker warm up for at least an hour before putting the meat in. Add wood chips, I like Apple chips for pork, about 10 minutes before you put the loin in. I cook loin about the same way as ribs. 3 hours at 225, then wrap in foil and finish off for another 2 hours at 200.

What I've found good for prep is a rub made with equal parts of:

  • Black pepper
  • Ground Red pepper
  • Paprika
  • Sea salt
  • Brown sugar

Rub good and wrap in Saran wrap overnight. A good all around sweet,  spicy rub (depending on how hot the red pepper is).

Smoking time
by: PUN

I'm off tomorrow and I want to smoke a  pork loin. I have yet to find a good chart showing weight vs. smoking time. For example, I have an 8-1/2 pound loin. How long do I smoke it at 225-250 degrees?

What size pork loin is for a 3 hour smoking time or minutes per pound?
by: Donna

You mention that smoking a pork loin would take about 3 hours at 225 degrees. How big of a loin is that for, or how many minutes per pound do you smoke the meat?

Pork Loin Smoking Tips - Time and Temp

Sliced, Smoked Pork Loin Ready to Serve!Well Done Pork Loin Cooked to 155°

How Long to Smoke a Pork Loin
by: SmokerBill

A boneless pork loin finishes when its internal temperature is 145°F. After that it needs to rest for 3 minutes. According to the USDA, pork is safe to eat when it reaches 145°F.

You can place the pork loin in the smoker while it's coming up to temperature. Smoke penetration is better at lower smoking temperatures.

Pork loin in a Masterbuilt electric smoker, cooked to perfection. Pin for later

The smoker should be at least 225°F during most of the cooking time. At this temperature, a time of approximately 3 hours would be right. It would be no problem to smoke the pork at a higher temperature, and in fact, it would add to the flavor.

By running the smoker at 275-300°F, you'll get some surface browning, which is always great for flavor. And by cooking at a higher temperature, the pork loin smoking time is less. At 300 degrees, your pork loin will finish in one and one-half hours or less.

For consistency you should always use a good remote smoker thermometer. You'll know the internal temperature of the smoking meat without opening the smoker. You'll also know exactly when to remove the pork.