Barbeque Sauce Recipes

Kansas City Style Barbeque Sauce

Smoked food lovers are of two camps…saucers and non-saucers.  These barbeque sauce recipes are for the "saucers". (Flying saucers if the keg's been tapped!)

The United States is home to a wide variety of barbeque sauces. To learn more, take a look at Regional Barbecue Sauce Styles. In it I describe a few of the sauces you just might encounter on a cross-country barbeque sampling vacation.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Slop On The Sauce!

If you'd like to sample some unique sauces, give these barbeque sauce recipes a try.

Favorite Barbeque Sauce Recipes

  • Gates BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • Kansas City's favorite, Gates Bar-B-Q sauce, can be whipped up at home. This is a no-cook recipe, but I find that a little simmerin' makes it better.
  • Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce
  • Kinda like Coca Cola bbq sauce, but with the interesting flavor of Dr. Pepper soda pop.
  • Texas BBQ Sauce
  • General use bbq sauce that can be used on any Texas style barbecue, including ribs, brisket and sausages.
  • Jim Beam BBQ Sauce Recipe
  • A kindly gentleman that loved both Beam and barbecue was generous enough to share this recipe with me. And now, I will share his special recipe with you.
  • Captain Morgan Barbecue Sauce
  • This sweet and tangy red sauce includes just a touch of spiced Captain Morgan Private Stock rum, which adds great flavor. Don't worry about the all boils out as the sauce is cooked to thicken.
  • Moppin Sauce Recipes
  • These thin consistency liquids add flavor to the smoking meat while helping preserve the moistness. Made with very little sugar, there's little chance of these scorching as the meat smokes.
  • Mustard Barbeque Sauce
  • One of my favorite non-tomato based sauces, the tanginess of the mustard and the vinegar is balanced by the addition of sugar. A bit of hot pepper adds a touch of heat to the party!
  • Carolina Vinegar Based Barbeque Sauce
  • This very basic sauce gets back to the roots of barbecue. Vinegar was the original "barbecue sauce" way back when. This one has some sugar and spice added and is a favorite in the Carolinas.
  • Kansas City Style Barbeque Sauce
  • Oh Yeah! Give me this one for my smoked spare ribs. I love this sweet, thick tomato based style of sauce on brisket, too!
  • Alabama White Barbeque Sauce
  • Unknown to most people, this sauce is mayonnaise based, with a touch of black pepper, vinegar and sugar. Smooth and sweet, with a touch of tanginess.

They say that rules are made to be broken...and barbeque sauce recipes are made to be refined and adjusted. Any of these recipes can be a starting point for you to create your very own barbeque sauce recipe that pleases you like no other.

Make a batch by the book the first time, and as you experience the flavor, take notes about the taste. Do you want it to be hotter? Sweeter? With a bit more tang? Use these notes to make adjustments to the next batch. Repeat the process. Soon, you will have developed your very own signature recipe.

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If you brush sauce onto the meat as it's smoking, do so only during the last half-hour. Sweet bbq sauces can burn rather easily. And in this part of the world, letting sauce burn on the ribs is considered rib abuse!

Mopping sauce is not so much a barbecue sauce as it is a basting liquid. It's a lot thinner in consistency and has very little mop it on throughout the smoking session. Using brisket mopping sauce will keep your smoking brisket nice and moist, while adding flavor.

When I'm enjoying my barbeque, I like to have a little something on the side. A big pile of smoky baked beans goes along great with about any smoked food you can think of. And a few grilled vegetables alongside the main course completes the feast nicely!