Smoked Meat Recipes

Meatloaf Recipe In the Smoker

If it's not a recipe for ribs or brisket you want, you just might find it here. These smoked meat recipes are the odds and ends that don't quite fit into any of the other classifications here at

Just about any cut of meat can be rib, cured ham, Polish sausages, weiners, London broil, leg of lamb, catfish... You name it, it's probably smoke-able.

Smoked Meat Recipes

Chuck Roast In the Smoker
  • 7-Bone Chuck Roast
    Beef chuck, seasoned and smoked to tasty goodness!

  • Meatloaf With Poblano Peppers
    Poblano peppers have just a bit of spiciness, so this recipe is great for anyone.

  • Santa Maria Tri-Tip
    Cooked to medium rare, this comes out of the smoker tender and juicy.

  • Beef Cross Rib Roast
    An economical cut of beef, this one has a lot of great flavor. Topped with bacon and smoked for two to three hours, this recipe is makes tasty sandwiches when thinly sliced.

Beef Roast Smoked And Ready To Slice
  • Smoked Leg of Lamb
    Boneless leg of lamb is marinated, then grill smoked to its perfect state of doneness. When is the last time you served lamb? Don't you think it's about time for some?
  • Smoked London Broil
    Great recipe for smoked London broil, which is actually a marinated, smoked top round roast.
  • BBQ Beef Recipe
    Chuck roast is seasoned, smoked, then finished off in the oven. Sweet sauce, white bread, hot sauce and pickles complete this feast!
  • Andouille Sausage Recipe
    You can buy your andouille if you can find it, but why not try making your own? Good andouille sausage is rich and smoky, great for flavoring all sorts of dishes.
  • Smoked Cheeseburgers
    Don't fire up the grill next time you want some great cheeseburgers. Get that smoker cooking, and smoke those cheeseburgers. This is a great way to create mouthwatering, better-than-grilled hamburgers.
  • Smoky Prime Rib Roast Recipe
    You won't need the smoker for this prime rib recipe. The smoke flavor and aroma come from a good dousing of liquid smoke flavoring (I know, it's cheating, but when the weather is bad you gotta do what you gotta do). Roasted in the oven, this recipe turns out a very good medium rare prime rib.
  • Easy Smoked Ham
    This recipe starts with your typical storebought ham and transforms it into a real delight. Seasoned, smoked, basted and glazed, this ham turns out much better than your usual baked ham.
  • Beef Rib Roast Recipe
    For a special occasion, try this recipe for smoked prime rib. It's not cheap, so take special care when cooking it so that it's not over-smoked or over cooked. This would be great for any holiday meal.
  • Smoked Beef Chuck Roast
    Beef chuck is an inexpensive cut that's fatty and contains a lot of connective tissue. That makes it a prime candidate for sl-o-o-o-w smoking. This recipe takes advantage of beef chuck's inferior qualities and turns it into moist and tender eating.
  • Smoked Meatloaf
    Meatloaf in the oven is great just as it is, but when you cook meatloaf in the smoker, you end up with something else! You wouldn't believe how good meatloaf tastes with a bit of smoky flavor added.

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