Why These Smoker Recipes Are Just What You Need (part 2)

Smoked ribs, pork loins, brisket... even some recipes with musical fruit! You'll find 'em here on page two of this recipes series.

Recipes and Articles That Will Enlighten and Inspire!

A Batch of Memphis Style Ribs, Loaded Into a Serving Bowl

Stylin' With Some Memphis Ribs
Use some of that Memphis rub and smoke a few slab of Memphis style pork ribs. To make 'em right, use trimmed spare rib slabs. But I've been known to break rules, and use this recipe with babybacks from time to time. They're a little leaner, and the meat's a finer texture. Either way, ribs cooked like this just taste darned good.    read it

Wild Turkey Breasts Turn Out Surprising Well When Smoked

Cluck and Yelp Wild Turkey Breasts
My good friend Don is an avid turkey hunter and he would set me up with a few boned-out wild turkey breasts from time to time. So naturally, I smoked 'em! And Don knows how to shoot, so I had no concerns of biting into a shot pellet. And in Kansas, steel shot's required for knockin' turkeys over. A bite of steel would hurt!    read it

Finished Smoking! This Turkey Breast Was Smoked In a Weber Kettle Grill

The Great Race. Timing Turkey Breasts
Get the straight dope on turkey breast smoking time. How long it takes to smoke a turkey breast? As long as it takes. It depends a lot on the temperature of the smoker or the grill. It depends on the size of the turkey breast. Even whether or not it was brined. All of those things have an impact on gettin' that bird breast done in a timely (or not) manner.     read it

A Pair of Platters Brimming With Smoker Cooked Stuffed Mushrooms

Corn 'n Crab (or Krab) Mushrooms
Stuffed mushroom caps cooked on the grill or in the smoker make a great side dish, snack or appetizer. The chopped green onions and crab meat in the filling are surrounded by a ready-to-use corn muffin mix. Easy to make and easier to eat. They're so good that one time I braved minus-10 degree weather to fire up the grill and cook up a batch.    read it

Super Smoked Turkey Legs Are The Perfect Treat, Any Time of The Year!

Listen To The Beat of The Drumsticks
You can smoke these babies right along with a whole turkey. The smoked turkey legs will be done before the whole turkey, so you'll have something to relieve your ravenous hunger brought on by the scent of smoking turkey. Big tom turkey drumsticks are fun to eat, but the smaller hen drumsticks take less time to brine, and need less time in the smoker.     read it

This Smoke Pork Loin Was Penetrated By a ThermPop Handheld Thermometer

Pork Loin Smoking Time, or Don't Be Impatient
How long does it take to smoke a boneless pork loin? Many have pondered that age-old question, ruminating for hours in the space-time continuum of pork loin smoking. Read what other readers have had to say about this pressing problem.    read it

A Pair of Baby Back Ribs In My Masterbuilt Smoker

Cider Soused Baby Backs
Apple cider adds some flavor to these smoked baby back ribs, and when they're smoked they're exceptional. The cider-slash-brine contains a few flavoring elements that give this recipe flavor to spare. One nice thing about babybacks, they don't really need much, if any, trimming or fat-scraping. Taste good, too!    read it

A Bowl of Smoky Baked Beans Goes Well With Anything You Pull From the Smoker

Gas 'er Up! It's Bean Smokin' Time
Beans. High in fiber, rich in nutrients and packed with flavor. Add a few choice ingredients and a little bit of smoke, and you'll want these smoky baked beans with every meal. I've heard it rumored that when beans are smoked, it forces them to release all their pent-up gas potential.    read it

Nice Looking Salmon Fillets Floating In a Container of Salmon Brine

Brining Beautiful Salmon
There's nothing wrong with gently baking salmon, or with lightly sauteing it in a bit of real butter, after being sprinkled with fresh dill and a crack or two of black pepper. But when a salmon is brined and smoked, it opens up a new dimension of flavor. Learn how to make and use brine for smoked salmon, and enjoy this fish that has sustained civilizations, and even caused a war or two.     read it

Smoked Brisket, Give It Hours of Love In The Smoker, And It'll Love You Back

Methodical Brisketing
Briskets are beautiful, I do not joke. To give one great flavor, kiss it with smoke.
OK. I ain't no poet, but I do know how to smoke a brisket. Get your thinkin' cap on and learn the craft and art of brisket smoking. You'll discover that buying quality meat is half the battle. Trimming, seasoning, smoking and serving. It's all explained here.     read it

Add Some Character To Your Next Batch of Chili and Smoke the Meat

Smoky Chili Con Carne, Beans Optional
Did you know that chili is the official dish of the great state of Texas? With roots in San Antonio, the chili craze spread like wildfire. This recipe is for the most part a standard chili recipe, except for the meat. The coarse ground beef is slowly smoked in a perforated tray, giving it and the chili an extra kick of flavor.
read it

A Plate Filled With Smoked Baby Back Ribs Will Soon Be Devoured

Gimme Back My Babyback Ribs. Baby.
Pork back ribs have to weigh 1 and 3/4 pounds or less to be sold as babybacks. The small size means they usually come from younger porkers, so they will be tender. Instead of using a dry rub, this babyback ribs recipe makes use of an intensly flavored paste that holds on tight from start to finish.    read it

Packed With Chopped Poblano Peppers, This Smoked Meatloaf Has Unique Flavor

Meatloaf Peppered With Poblanos
If you're not familiar with poblano peppers, they're the type of pepper stuffed with meat and/or cheese, going by the Mexican moniker "chile relleno". The heat level of poblanos is low, so they're just what this smoked meatloaf poblano recipe needs. The hint of peppery hotness does the trick.    read it

Smoked Pork Loin Chops Grace This Serving Platter

Lick Your Chops Pork Chops
A good pork chop really hits the spot. Cures what ails ya. Makes you feel good all over!  And when smoked they're even better. The pork chops in this recipe are soaked in an apple juice brine for one hour, which improves texture, boosts moistness, and amplifies the flavor. They can be served at medium rare, or you can let them keep on a'cookin' until they're nearly fall-apart tender.    read it

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