Why These Smoker Recipes Are Just What You Need (part 3)

This series of recipe pages is added to and updated regularly. Enjoy the smoker cooking experience and give one of these dreamboats a try!

More Smoking Recipes and Tips For Your Enjoyment and Edification

A Whole Turkey Breast Being Smoked In an Electric Water Smoker

The Nitty Gritty of Smoked Turkey Breasts
Don't fall for the propaganda that tries to make us think that turkey is just for Thanksgiving. Smoked turkey breasts are great any time of the year. This recipe uses a brine made with cranberry and apple juices, giving the breast a bit of a sweet, fruity flavor.  
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Smoker Full of Big Beef Briskets!

A Well Seasoned Chicken Is a Joyful Thing
Oregano, sage, rosemary and thyme. What. No parsley! Don't worry, you won't miss it. This chicken dry rub is great for seasoning whole roasting hens, breasts, thighs or legs.  read it

Electric Masterbuilt Smoker Takin' Care of Business With a Whole Chicken

Shockingly Good Results With Electric Smokers
I know, I know. Electric smokers don't give meats the flavor you get when gettin' the heat from burning wood or charcoal, but they are really convenient. My inexpensive Masterbuilt does a pretty good job with anything I throw in it, and it's a lot cheaper to operate - charcoal can be expensive! This selection of electric smoker recipes I've tried were successes that I'll enjoy more that once.
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Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce In a Glass Bowl

Bein' Cool With Your Smoked Salmon
Cold smoked salmon. The gourmet dish that conjures up images of  the rich and famous, enjoying fancy
hors d'oeuvres while attending an after-hours soirée. This delicacy is lovingly smoked at a low temperature for hours, not to cook it but to impart a mild smokiness as evaporation firms the flesh and intensifies the salmon's rich flavor.   read it

Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce In a Glass Bowl

Power Packed Seasonings For Big Hunks of Beef
Whether you use the Texas rub or the basic rub, there's a rub for you and your brisket. These big hunks of beef can handle a lot of flavor, so don't be afraid to pile the rub on.
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Nearly Done Whole Chicken, Smoking In a CharBroil Gas Smoker

The Sensory Perception of Whole Chickens
The appeal of a well smoked chicken tempts many senses. Its aroma inspires hunger. Its visual perfection dilates the pupil. The sound and sensation of crispy skin between teeth give heed to the rush of incredible flavor that excites the tongue. You MUST learn the secret of how to smoke a whole chicken!   
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Three Slab of Pork Baby Back Ribs Going Into the Masterbuilt Smoker

Spicy Peppers Filled and Wrapped With Flavor
Some call them poppers, others ABTs, and the rest just call 'em good eating! The jalapenos can vary in heat, so you might bite into one that has a little extra kick to it. With the cheesy filling and crispy bacon wrap, they're a great tasting appetizer. 
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This Close Up of a Smoked Tri Tip Shows Crisped Fat and Rare Beef

The Compleat Tri Tip Smoker
That would've been the title of his book if Izaac Walton smoked tri tips - instead of dipping lines for fish. Alas, he never achieved the honor of writing the first tome on how to smoke tri tips. Thankfully, others have taken the challenge to task and offered up their combined knowledge of the art and science of smoking the perfect tri tip.    read it

Smoked Salmon Fillets On a Blue Banded Plate

Shuffle Off to Buffalo, You Shrimp
Every once in a while I get the hungries for some Buffalo shrimp, and this recipe is the one I go for. Cooked on the grill, it doesn't take too long to make. Get fancy and serve 'em with a dipping-bowl full of bleu cheese dressing.    read it

Country Style Pork Ribs Being Smoked In a Masterbuilt Smoker

The Story of 7 Bone Chuck
A chuck roast always tastes better to me if it includes the bone. Adds just a bit more flavor, in my opinion. Stay away from the lean ones. Pick one out that has the most fat marbled between the meat fibers and it'll be tender and juicy.    read it

A Smoked Beef Cross Rib Roast, Topped With Crispy Slices of Bacon

Beef Rib Roast
A standing rib roast isn't even close to the quality of a prime rib roast, but if you're scratchin' for pennies it makes for a special meal. This one is seasoned with garlic and smoked, just until it reaches that perfect point between rare and medium rare.  
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Smoking Makes Potatos More Palatable. Try Some Smoked Potatos Today!

Smokin' Spuds and Taters
There's always room in the smoker for some taters, and this staple starch pairs up with literally anything. Except maybe coconut cream pie. Smoked potatoes can be fully baked in a smoker, or pre-cooked and then smoked for a short time to add a hint of flavor. I prefer red potatoes and Yukon golds, but a big Russet can really soak up the butter!    read it

Memphis Style Rib Rub Being Forced Into Uniform Particle Size With Use of a Coarse Mesh Sieve

The Salmon From Copper River
When Troy started piling things on the fresh salmon fillet, I was intrigued. I'd never heard of cooking salmon with this combination of ingredients, but when it came off of the grill I was glad Troy was the chef that day.  
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Smoking Makes Potatos More Palatable. Try Some Smoked Potatos Today!

Beer Can Chicken... Myth, or Magic?
If cooking a chicken with a beer can up its wazoo sounds like fun to you, then this is something you ought to try. Seasonings added to a can of beer might add a little flavor to chickens as they cook, and for some reason, they do seem to be a little juicier when cooked standing on their legs. 
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