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Grill-Smoked Beer Can Chicken-

Grill smoked beer can chicken recipe creates crispy skin, juicy meat and a palate pleasing smoky flavor. Seasoned inside and out.

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Smoked Chili Recipe -

Smoked chili is made by first smoking the chili meat. Combined with other ingredients, the chili is simmered until done. Beans are optional.

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Superb Smoked Catfish Recipes - Channels, Blues or Flatheads

Give this smoked catfish recipe a try next time you haul in a mess of cats. After brining, the catfish fillets are smoked until flaky.

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Basic Brine For Smoked Salmon -

Making a basic brine for smoked salmon requires just a few ingredients. Use these salmon brining tips to help you make delicious smoky salmon.

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Boneless Pork Loin Smoking Time - How Long To Smoke?

Boneless pork loin smoking time depends on roast size and smoker temperature. Find out how long it takes to smoke a pork loin.

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Use Brisket Mopping Sauce For Moist and Tender Smoked Brisket!

Brisket mopping sauce helps build a flavorful bark and traps those flavorful juices inside your smoking briskets.

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How Long To Brine Salmon? -

How long do I brine salmon before smoking? Type of brine, concentration and salmon thickness affect salmon brining time.

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Alluring Smoked Leg of Lamb - It's Baaah-eautiful!

This smoked leg of lamb recipe, flavored with herbs and garlic, then smoked with smoldering twigs of rosemary is at its best when served medium-rare.

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All About Pork Picnic Shoulder -

The pork picnic shoulder is a great cut of meat for smoking. Fat and connective tissue adds loads of great flavor and juicy goodness.

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Apple Smoked Duck Breast -

Lightly smoked duck breast is a delicacy. After the duck is first soaked in an apple juice brine, apple wood smoke flavors the duck nicely.

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