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Apr 19, 2018

Flavorful Smoked Chili Recipe -

Smoked chili is made by first smoking the chili meat. Combined with other ingredients, the chili is simmered until done. Beans are optional.

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Apr 19, 2018

All About Pork Spare Ribs, From Trimming to Smoking.Eat Awesome Ribs!

Learn to prepare pork spare ribs for the smoker. Trim a spare rib slab KC style, remove the membrane and fat, and season it with a flavorful dry rub. Spare ribs are a treat when prepared and smoked with loving care. Learn all about pork spare ribs and you'll smoke the best!

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Apr 12, 2018

Smoked Meat Dry Rub Recipes -

Palate pleasing dry rub recipes treat your smoked meats with awesome flavor. Learn the secrets of making perfect dry rubs for all your smoked foods.

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Apr 04, 2018

Grilled Ancho Butter Shrimp - Tasty Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Grill-smoked ancho butter shrimp is spicy with ancho pepper powder and cayenne pepper. Learn how to grill smoke shrimp and enjoy these tasty appetizers!

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Apr 04, 2018

Secrets of Grilling Roast Beef To Perfection! -

Guide to grilling roast beef that melts in your mouth and drips with juicy flavor! Learn how to grill roast beef, from cheap chuck to fancy fillet.

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Apr 04, 2018

Mouthwatering Memphis Rib Rub Recipe -

Magnificent Memphis rib rub recipe seasons pork ribs with authentic Memphis flavor. This extra special rub bursts with flavor - you won't need the sauce!

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Apr 01, 2018

Scrumptious Smoked Tri Tip -

Tri tip is good, but smoked tri tip is better, by far! This tender, juicy beef is great eating, whether plated or served as sandwiches.

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Apr 01, 2018

How To Smoke Whole Chicken -

Find out how to smoke whole chicken at 275 to 300 degrees, and you’ll lock in juices and have crispy smoked chicken skin.

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Apr 01, 2018

How Long to Smoke a Turkey Breast? -

You're smoking a turkey breast. How long does it take? You can cook an impressively juicy, perfectly smoked turkey breast quicker than you think!

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Apr 01, 2018

Smoked Poultry Recipes - Smoker Cooking

These smoked poultry recipes for turkey and chicken will guide you, plus tips for smoking chickens, turkeys and game hens.

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Apr 01, 2018

How To Smoke a Turkey - The Smoked Turkey Tutorial

When preparing a smoked turkey, brining before its smoked improves texture and moistness. Seasonings and smoke add flavor.

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Apr 01, 2018

Time For Smoking Pork Shoulder-

The time for smoking a pork shoulder can be long, but the wait is worth it! How long does it take to smoke a pork shoulder?

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Mar 31, 2018

Succulent Country Style Pork Ribs -

Smoked country style pork ribs are meaty, flavorful, and easy to prepare. Boneless or bone-in, country style ribs are great for the smoker.

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Mar 31, 2018

Masterbuilt Smoker's Not Smoking -

Masterbuilt electric smoker's wood chips aren’t producing smoke? Solutions for more efficient smoke production from your Masterbuilt.

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Mar 30, 2018

How to Make Cold Smoked Salmon -

The quality of cold smoked salmon made at home transcends the commercial product. As cool, subdued smoke caresses brine-cured salmon, magic happens!

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Mar 30, 2018

Water Pan In Masterbuilt Electric Smoker -

Why use the water pan in a Masterbuilt electric smoker? It regulates the smoker temperature and prevents drying of meats.

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Mar 30, 2018

How To Brine Chicken For The Smoker -

Learn how to brine chicken to add flavor and juiciness. Brining is the secret weapon for creating perfectly smoked chicken.

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Mar 29, 2018

How To Smoke A Brisket To Perfection -

Learn how to smoke a brisket that's tender, juicy, and flavorful! Prepare, season, smoke and serve a great tasting smoked beef brisket.

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Mar 29, 2018

Basic Brine For Smoked Salmon -

Making a basic brine for smoked salmon requires just a few ingredients. Use these salmon brining tips to help you make delicious smoky salmon.

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Mar 27, 2018

Boneless Pork Loin Smoking Time -

Boneless pork loin smoking time depends on roast size and smoker temperature. Find out how long it takes to smoke a pork loin.

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Mar 25, 2018

All About Meat Smokers -

Choosing one out of the many types of meat smokers takes careful consideration. Smoker size and heat source are just two factors to think about.

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Mar 25, 2018

Great Tasting Smoked Side Dishes -

Try these smoked side dishes along with your ribs next time. Smoked veggies go great with your barbecued ribs and brisket.

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Mar 25, 2018

Making Magnificent BBQ Marinades -

Learn how to make BBQ marinades, the miraculous liquid that adds fantastic flavor, boosts juiciness and improves the texture of your smoked meats!

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Mar 25, 2018

Glazin' Good Barbeque Sauce Recipes -

Homemade barbeque sauce recipes that are great for dipping and for smoked meat sandwiches, whether KC Style or Texas BBQ Sauce.

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Mar 24, 2018

Great Smoked Salmon Recipes -

Try one of these smoked salmon recipes, with techniques included for cold smoking, hot smoking salmon and brining for the best flavor.

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Mar 24, 2018

Favorite Smoked Brisket Recipes -

Enjoy one of these smoked brisket recipes. The dry rub and marinade adds flavor - low and slow smoking the brisket adds magic!

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Mar 24, 2018

Tasty Smoked Beef Recipes -

Mouthwatering smoked beef recipes for roasts, ribs, brisket and meatloaf. Smoker cooked or grill-smoked, they are equally tasty.

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Mar 24, 2018

Dang! These Smoked Rib Recipes Are Great! -

These smoked rib recipes for pork spareribs, babybacks and country style ribs will give you anticipation of smoky satisfaction!

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Mar 23, 2018

Tasty Smoked Pork Recipes That Are Loaded With Great Flavor!

Try one of these tasty smoked pork recipes for pork picnics, shoulders, loins, ham, pulled pork and chops. Smoked Pork Rules!

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Nov 16, 2017

Super Smoked Turkey Legs -

When smoked turkey legs come out of the meat smoker, the feasting begins! Enjoy smoky turkey drumsticks as a snack or for great smoked turkey sandwiches.

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Nov 15, 2017

Grilling Turkey in a Weber Kettle Grill -

Secrets of grilling turkey in a Weber kettle. Use precise charcoal placement for grilling breasts and whole turkeys that are just plain awesome!

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Nov 13, 2017

How To Cook a Turkey Gas Grill Style -

Learn how to cook a turkey in a gas grill with this easy step-by-step technique. Grill smoke your turkey and get great results with great flavor!

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Nov 11, 2017

More Turkey Smoking Tips -

Yes! More turkey smoking tips for creating the best smoked turkey ever. You'll be a turkey smoker extraordinaire after absorbing these smoked turkey tips.

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Nov 11, 2017

Top Notch Turkey Smoking Tips -

These informative turkey smoking tips get down to the real nitty gritty! Learn how to brine, season and smoke turkeys, and expect spectacular results.

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Nov 11, 2017

Making Turkey Brine For Great Smoked Turkey -

Learn how to make turkey brine that'll make your smoked turkey the best ever! A little known flavor-releasing brine making technique is revealed.

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Nov 10, 2017

Smoked Turkey Breast Electric Smoker Style -

Smoked turkey breast electric smoker technique! Setting up the smoker is easy - waiting for that savory smoked turkey breast to finish cooking is tough!

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Nov 10, 2017

Reheating Previously Smoked Turkeys -

Secrets of reheating previously smoked turkeys that retain maximum flavor and juiciness! Transform your frozen smoked turkey back into succulent goodness.

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Nov 10, 2017

Gorgeous Smoked Turkey Breast -

This succulent smoked turkey breast oozes with fantastic flavor from a cranberry-apple brine and becomes beautifully browned in the smoker or grill.

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Nov 10, 2017

Smoked Turkey Rub Recipe -

Use this tasty turkey rub to season a superbly smoked turkey! The awesome rub goes under the turkey skin for maximum flavor and truly luscious goodness.

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Nov 10, 2017

Smoked Turkey Brine Recipes -

Full flavored turkey brine recipes for making impressively incredible, juicy smoked turkey! And remember... Just Brine and It'll Be Fine!

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Nov 09, 2017

The Turkey Smoking Equipment Checklist -

Use the Turkey Smoking Equipment Checklist to determine the equipment, tools and accessories you'll need to smoke that luscious Thanksgiving turkey.

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Nov 07, 2017

Top Smoked Chicken Recipes -

Try my favorite smoked chicken recipes for smoking whole and half chickens, legs, thighs and breasts. Economical, healthy chicken is a great choice for the smoker.

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Nov 07, 2017

Tender Mesquite Smoked Beef Ribs -

This great tasting mesquite smoked beef ribs recipe makes use of the Texas crutch to guarantee the tenderness these beautiful beef ribs deserve!

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Nov 07, 2017

Salmon Brining Tips For Smoked Salmon -

These smoked salmon brining tips guarantee great tasting and safe salmon. Maintain clean equipment, keep the brine cold and enjoy perfect results.

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Nov 07, 2017

Tips For Brining Chicken -

Brining chicken will improve flavor and juiciness. Brine whole chickens for 2 to 4 hours and skinless pieces for 30 to 60 minutes.

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Nov 07, 2017

Smoked Beef Cross Rib Roast -

Mouthwatering beef cross rib roast is smoked to perfection. Caressed with oak smoke, this beautiful beef roast is crowned with lovely bacon.

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Nov 07, 2017

Grill Smoked Rosemary Chicken Breasts -

Incredible rosemary chicken breasts enjoy a bath in rosemary infused marinade before being grill smoked to a savory, juice-filled state of perfection!

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Nov 07, 2017

Smoked 7 Bone Chuck Roast -

Shred a smoked 7 bone chuck roast to make killer bbq beef sandwiches! Smoking with oak adds incredible flavor to your tender, juicy chuck roast.

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Nov 07, 2017

Regional Barbecue Sauce Styles -

Diverse barbecue sauce styles add astounding variety to your favorite smoked meats. Sample a medley of regional barbecue sauces and savor the flavor!

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